Child Care


We’ve Got Cub Care!


Our specially designed wall has been insulated with sound-deadening material and our duct-work has been insulated to dampen the sound transfer so you can rest easy and know that your yogic experience will not be disturbed during class!

Our Cub den is set up for children ages 3 months to 12 years and is open for babysitting for a variety of class offerings. Equipped with a TV for playing high quality kids entertainment (think the best of  Jim Henson Studios, Pixar and Disney) along with a broad collection of Kids Yoga DVDs, we also have a variety of creative toys and crafts for the kids to enjoy while you get your yoga on. Managed by the gentle and caring Drew Goodwin, various Mothers and students who are interested in Work Exchange can also offer their time to babysit during classes in exchange for a discount to class packages. For details on the work exchange program, please send us an email and someone will get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to stop in and check out the room with your child to get to know the space before you commit to class if you’d prefer.

Our rates for babysitting services are $3 per child for walk-ins or 10 class cards members, babysitting is included for monthly or annual members and work exchange care-givers.

Babysitting is currently offered for the following classes. Please send an email if you have a wish-list time and if we have enough interest we will make it happen!

Monday-Friday: Babysitting available for the 10 AM, 4/4:30 PM and 6 PM classes

Saturday/Sunday: Babysitting available for the 10:30 AM classes. Babysitting will be made available for the workshop series classes from 12:30-1:45 if you pre-register and there are at least 3 kids reserved to be present.

Some rules and guidelines for Cub-Care at Bearfoot:

• When your child is in our care you must not leave the premises. You can, however, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a light snack after class  and take some time to connect with other parents while your children are occupied and having fun!

When your child is in the Cub Den, please make sure that they have been fed and changed before class as we can not change diapers or assist in the bathroom. If your child needs toileting assistance during class we will come and get you as quietly and quickly as possible.

Please feel free to provide your child with snacks from home or you can purchase some organic snacks  and drinks that are available on site. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies right away.

As a general rule, we do not allow violent games or toy weapons on site (we do strive to practice ahimsa(non-violence) as much as possible!) so please refrain from sending your child in with toy guns or any other violent toys and games (including for the DS or other handheld game systems)

• If your child has any active fever (within the past 24 hours), heavy nasal discharge, diarrhea, rash or heavy cough we ask that you keep them home for the day so we can keep all of our cubs healthy and strong.

Unless you would like us to do otherwise, we will strive to keep your little one from interrupting your practice by keeping them calm and quiet or trying to do so using soothing techniques or trying to engage them in play. We will use our discretion if we feel we have reached a point where your child really needs you or is overly distressed. 

We reserve the right to deny any child from the Cub Den for any reason but will use that right with the utmost discretion and care. It is our intention to create a welcoming, safe and playful environment for all children of many ages.