Class Descriptions

Bearfoot Yoga Classes offer a growing variety of yoga practices to meet a broad range of needs and interests. 

Yoga, like life, is not one size fits all! Our classes range in intensity and instruction. We highly recommend trying out all levels of classes regardless of your yoga experience as each body and mind is different and one style may resonate more for you than another.


OH… and before I forget: did I mention that ALL CLASSES are OPEN to ALL LEVELS ??…. The way classes are designed is to FOCUS on a given level of PRACTICE….and TO NOT EXCLUDE other LEVELS of PRACTICE…

…. every ASANA has variations that are accommodated in every class for every student….from BEGINNER to veteran ADVANCED PRACTITIONER….



FOUNDATION CLASSES – appropriate for all levels including beginners

REGISTER Providing fundamental yoga practice skills including: in-depth alignment cues, breath prompts and expanded modifications using props for injuries or physical restrictions will be covered on a class by class basis depending on the weekly focus. More advanced practitioners will find deeper levels of alignment and refinement within their individual practice. These classes will have less flow and longer held postures along with more verbal instruction.


PRENATAL YOGA – for the expectant mother

REGISTER For any stage of your pregnancy. Each class includes a community circle to connect and share with other women during this special time and an hour of gentle strengthening and stretching to aid in preparing the body for childbirth as well as helping to alleviate assorted pregnancy discomforts. Classes include a deep relaxation to leave you feeling balanced and supported.



LEVEL 1/2 – if you have a basic understanding of asana (postures)

REGISTER Provides flow as you deepen your practice (6 mo-1 yr of at least 1x/week practice). Beginners are always welcome to participate while safely respecting their own limits. Each class offers a varied level of intensity and complexity of postures based on your ability. Modifications can always be made to meet you where you are by using props. There is more silence during poses so you have a chance to deeply feel the effects without distraction. Pranayama (breathing practices) are introduced as well as inversions, beginning hand balancing and expanded core conditioning. Every class ends with at least 5 minutes of deep relaxation (savasana).


LEVEL 2 – if you are transitioning into a more advanced practice

REGISTER If you just want to try something new to mix up your established practice. Same principles as the other classes just slightly more advanced than a mixed 1/2 class and always a deep relaxation (savasana) at the end.




LEVEL 2/3 if you like a challenging physical practice

REGISTER Understand what your physical limits are so you don’t injure yourself during practice when we enter into more advanced postures and transitions. (1+ yrs of regular practice 1-2x/wk) Also good for athletes trained in other disciplines but are new to yoga. There will be more flow and less instruction with increasingly complex sequences designed to challenge your mental flexibility as well as the physical. More inversions like headstand and forearm balance, additional hand balancing and expanded pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation will be included. Deep relaxation (savasana) is always included at the end.