Yoga Party

Yogic-Style Celebrations

We have just started to offer this great combination of Yoga and Celebration. So far, we are offering Kids’ Yoga Birthday Parties, featuring age appropriate challenging poses as well as Conscious Crafts. For the young at heart, we are also offering Girls’ Yoga Night Out featuring yoga, relaxing aroma therapy and a wine/chocolate tasting featuring Bay Shore’s own Serious Chocolate.

Some Details:

Kids’ Yoga Birthday Party

  • Minimum of 10 children
  • 1 hour of age appropriate asana (postures) designed to focus on guiding all that great kid energy into challenging movements, breathing and mental focus.
  • 1/2 hour of Conscious Crafts creating take home-items that engage creativity and team work as well increasing environmental awareness through use of recyclable materials and playing with animal dolls.
  • 1/2 hour of eating party food


Prices start at $15 per child, including yoga lesson, craft supplies, plates, cups, napkins and utensils. Party food (cake, pizza, beverages, etc) can be provided by moms and dads or provided by Bearfoot for additional fees. Please call for details and options.


Girls’  Yoga Night Out

  • Minimum party of 6
  • 1hr 15min yoga session
  • 15-30 min restorative relaxation and aromatherapy
  • 30 min Wine and Chocolate Tasting

$55 per person includes everything! Call for further details and other options!