I started taking Yoga at the gym and thought I was “doing” Yoga. It wasn’t until I came to Bearfoot that I actually realized what Yoga truly was.  Gina is a compassionate and intuitive teacher who devotes tremendous effort and energy to help you personalize your practice in a way that an impersonal gym setting could never offer. She will help you identify personal goals to achieve each month not just of the body but of your mind as well and then will dedicate her time to be your teacher, mentor and even friend depending on your needs at the time to meet your targeted goals. The personalized attention, sense of community and peace of mind you will cultivate at Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center is a one of a kind experience that you will not achieve “doing Yoga” anywhere else. At Bearfoot you will not just learn the true understanding of the yoga practice but as you progress on your personalized goals, you will find your way to a whole new way of responding to life stressors and begin to develop a whole new attitude towards how you approach everyday life; while expanding your flexibility in body. Bearfoot truly lives up to it’s name as a Yoga & “Wellness center”. 

~ Jen Titmus, student since 2013

Living my personal yoga practice has been a great experience…considering that I’ve had knee surgeries and other physical ailments I would’ve never imagined I would have become a yoga teacher. Thankfully through the exploration of asana (postures), traditional yoga lineage and community I found Bearfoot yoga center. Through my training  I have tapped into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of myself and have grown and continue to grow as a person through yoga. The Bearfoot environment allowed me feel safe, comforted and yet disciplined so that I may be able to practice yoga effectively as well as share it with others so that they too may heal , grow and strengthen themselves . Gina Lee’s energy and foundation focuses have allowed me to integrate yoga daily and apply it to building up my body and heal ailments. The practice has also allowed me to release stresses on all levels as well as learning specialty yoga aspects such as prenatal yoga which I feel comfortable and competent in teaching. I am thankful for the experience and hope that many consider the path and join me and the Bearfoot clan in the name of yoga and spreading wellness to others , love and light always.

—Jyoti, graduate of YTT Fall 2013

I stumbled upon Bearfoot Yoga Center one afternoon while living in Bay Shore. I remember waiting and waiting for them to open. I had never done yoga before, but I was under tremendous stress and I needed some release. The day the studio opened I was there and I met Gina. I felt an instant connection to her. Despite my struggling with the asanas (postures), and still dealing with the stresses of this crazy life we live, Bearfoot continues to be my safe haven. And Gina is probably the kindest, most caring person I know. I love practicing there and I hope you will too!

—Jennie B. Student sine 2012